Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

When it comes to cheap home decorating ideas, one of the biggest hurdles that you may face is finding the right idea to beautifully decorate the walls of your house. Since your goal is not only to create a warm atmosphere with the design of your choice, your mission is also to find the most cost-effective ways to create the design changes you wish to make..

Cheap home decorating idea #1: On your main wall, try to avoid the common mistake of just ‘filling up space’

For those of you that are not exactly ‘trained’ for interior design but are doing your best to come up with cheap home decorating ideas, try to avoid the natural tendency to fill up space on the walls of your home with anything you can find. Trust me, it’s perfectly natural to do so, especially on a tight budget, however, there is a better way to do this that will look more appealing.

Instead, using tape or even an imaginary line, create a triangle in any spot on your wall. My advice would be to start with the main wall in the very first room that your guests enter when they come inside. This wall should be considered the main area that you’re looking to fancy up a bit.

The next step is very simple: fill the inside of this imaginary triangle with works of art that you find appealing. These pieces can consist of picture portraits to hang on your wall, artwork that you find soothing, or even uniquely designed clocks that have a touch of color to them. Remember, your goal is not to clutter the entire wall up with your displays, but instead only place these items inside your triangle. Once finished, step back, and appreciate this one simple cheap home decorating idea that has helped you accomplish your goal and cost next to nothing.

Cheap home decorating idea #2: Make life easier by displaying one large piece on your main wall

If our first idea of creating a centerpiece with multiple wall decorations does not appeal to you, then perhaps you may want to try something much simpler. What is the idea? Find just one thing, yes – just one item – and hang it in the very center of your main wall. In fact, you can do this in every room of your house and create a very structured, yet appealing design to your wall. You’re probably thinking that it is extremely expensive to purchase a large painting, and it can be! However, you do not have to run out and spend hundreds of dollars to do this.

If you look hard enough and enjoy shopping around, you will be surprised at just how many bargains you can find in your local newspaper, flea markets, and even garage sales on the weekends. On the other hand, one of my favorite items to use for wall displays is a colorful rug or a quilt.

We even have one room where the main wall shows off a piece of white painted wood that our 10-year-old used to create her own artwork on. Of course not everybody may find this large children’s painting appealing, but we do, and that is what is important here – find the right cheap home decorating ideas that makes you and your family happy!

Basic Home Decorating Ideas to Use Today

Let’s review the “basics” of decorating with accessories. Every accessory doesn’t have to exactly balance–too much balance is boring! Instead, put things where they are pleasing to the eye and that add interest to an area. You can’t go wrong if you use the largest or most prominent object in a grouping as the focal point and balance other pieces around it.

Less may be more. Don’t let your home look like a secondhand store. Choose to display those things that hold some sort of importance to you, such as personal treasures passed down from family members or items you purchased while traveling. Combining memories with the décor in your home is a long-standing practice of successful home decorating.

Home decorating ideas include decorating with items that you use on a regular basis, such as recipe books in the kitchen, a decorative wall clock in the living room, or a wine rack in the dining area.

Current home decorating trends highlight comfort colors-bisque and wheat neutrals, dark brown with pumpkin orange and lovely grays. Painting a room is a quick and fun way to freshen its appearance.

Part of the appeal of a well-designed living space is how eagerly it welcomes you. Does it encourage you to be comfortable and feel relaxed? Each room of your house should be a “living room” and be lived in with comfort and ease. A cozy space with a friendly feel is a current trend in home decorating.

Going for a “collected” look in furniture and home décor instead of everything matching in a room is also a current trend.

Though it is important to keep in mind that anything you adore is “in” for your own home, don’t assume that the most fashionable item is always the most expensive. Try combining home décor from big box stores with your pricier furniture and accessories. This home decorating idea can be used in every room of your home.

Christmas Home Decorating Ideas for Houses on the Market

With the holiday season coming up we all want to dive into that festive spirit, share the joy of one of the most loved and long-awaited times of the year with our family and friends, and escape the cold in nice cozy homes, cuddling under the warm blanket near the fireplace. And, of course, nothing helps to get into that mood as much as a beautiful home decoration. Especially for families with little kids putting lights and toys onto a big Christmas tree, hanging stockings on a fireplace mantel and making pine garlands along the stairways becomes an entire event of the season.

We all love that, however, those, who’s houses are currently on the market, should choose their seasonal decor very carefully. Moderation is the key here. Potential buyers won’t be able to see the best of the house past excessive Christmas decor. Don’t expect people to visualize how the living room would look without that huge tree. Let them value the newly updated railing or curb appeal of the house. It all will work on you at the end.

Here are some Christmas home decorating ideas for houses on the market:

• Limit an outside decor to a nice wreath on the front door. Anything else, such as inflated figures or Santa statues, will only create clutter on your front yard.

• Restrain from having a Christmas tree this year. It eats up a lot of space (especially in small houses), and you want your rooms to show as open and spacious as possible. Fresh pine limbs in vases could be a nice replacement here. If you still opt for a Christmas tree, choose a small one and put it somewhere, where it doesn’t disturb the flow of the house, for example, in the corner of the room.

• In the dining area replace your regular centerpiece with a themed one. You can add some glitter to it as most of fun happens there, at the holiday table.

• As mentioned above already, skip on stairways decoration and themed wall decor; it also creates unwanted cluttered look and distracts buyer’s attention (unless you want them to be distracted from something).

This Christmas home decorating ideas would create a needed holiday spirit without disturbing home’s appearance while the house is on the market. For more home decorating ideas or tips on how to sell your house fast, please contact Eve Rusakova at Studio 74.