Home Decorating Ideas – Tips on Decorating Small Spaces

Every inch counts when decorating small spaces! Here is an assortment of small room and small space home decorating ideas to use today.

* A favorite home decorating idea is using a hutch that tucks perfectly into a corner to display dishes or collectibles such as teacups and teapots. It also provides additional storage for table linens.

*Even if your guest bedroom has limited closet space, adding an old kitchen cupboard to the room will solve the storage challenge. It holds extra blankets and linens and offers ample space for storing your guest’s supplies such as towels, wash cloths, and scented soaps. It can also provide a place for guests to stow away their personal items to keep the room looking neat.

*What about a good night’s sleep in a small bedroom? The size of the room is far less significant than the mood of the room. A small bedroom gives a feeling of coziness and security. By painting a second-hand dresser a color similar to the bedroom walls, the dresser blends in and the room appears larger–a home decorating idea that can be used in any room.

*Wicker furniture is versatile as well as enduring and works just as well indoors as outdoors. For small-space or budget decorating, wicker chairs may be the answer to your decorating dilemma. Wicker baskets are also wonderful additions to any room to help organize clutter. They can be found in an infinite number of designs and sizes; their versatility makes them a “must” for any home.

*Furniture in a small room needs to offer flexibility. Upholstered chairs in the living room can sit alone or slide together to make a love seat. A stack of cushions works well as a footrest. A coffee table can be a “hard worker” by choosing one that has shelves to hold magazines or books. A coffee table that has a lid that opens is another great storage solution for decorating small spaces.

*If you like collectibles but have very little room to display them, consider collecting buttons–they take up very little room (although you may end up collecting a lot of them) and are perfect for displaying in small decorative dishes. They become a conversation piece when entertaining guests.

Remember, a small room gives you a sort of comfort level when you walk in because you’re not overwhelmed with an abundance of space. Build on that comfort level with creative home decorating ideas for small spaces.

Home Decorating Idea – How to Successfully Decorate a Small Bedroom

Are you ready to start that small bedroom decorating project? Since your bedroom is such an important room in your house, it should make you feel comfortable and relaxed regardless of its size. Here are home decorating ideas to help you get started with your small bedroom decorating project.

A good place to start your room makeover is with a clean slate, as in, de-clutter! Since clutter is stressful, it is the last thing you want in your bedroom. Shelves and under-bed drawers or storage boxes will help get the clutter under control. An investment in dual-function, stackable and “hard-working” objects will help to control clutter and give everything a place. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are popular for displaying mementos and books as well as small, decorative storage boxes. With the use of shelves there is less need for additional pieces of furniture that will take up space.

Another home decorating idea is the use of Murphy beds. Murphy beds (fold-down beds) are great solutions for the home office that must occasionally serve as a guest bedroom. A search on the internet will give you unlimited information on Murphy beds.

As in any size bedroom, “creature comforts” can make your bedroom not merely comfy but downright cozy. Consider buying deluxe bed linens which don’t take any more space than more commonplace linens. A couple of works of art tastefully placed in the room along with family photos and a good reading lamp next to a comfortable chair will provide you with a relaxing, peaceful bedroom.

A bedroom closet can be organized with one of the many closet organizing systems on the market today. You can select a do-it-yourself organizing system or have it custom made. Either way, this is an investment that you will be glad you made and will make your small bedroom home decorating idea a reality.

Mirrors will enhance the feeling of space and “bounce” light into a room. Be careful where you place a mirror so it doesn’t reflect an area you don’t want to highlight! Make sure you have a mirror in the guest bedroom for your guest’s convenience.

These home decorating ideas will help you get started on your small bedroom decorating project. Use your creativity and be daring when decorating–there are almost no rules to break!

Fall Home Decorating Ideas to Use Today

What comes to mind when you think of fall — the vibrant hues of changing leaves? Finally getting to wear your favorite sweater? The appetizing scent of freshly-baked pie? There are many wonderful home decorating ideas to incorporate during this fall season to greatly enrich your home décor.

To begin with, create a cozy feeling in your home by moving furniture into small, conversational groups. Add plenty of pillows, large and small, and a few plush throw blankets which are just right for reading a good book or snuggling up for an afternoon nap on a cool day. A really easy home decorating idea to use today!

If your home decorating idea calls for a more drastic change to your home décor to usher in the fall season, buy slip covers in deep shades that imitate nature, such as, deep red, forest green or warm brown. When spring arrives, replace your fall slip covers with lighter shades and fabrics. You may also want to consider having two sets of window treatments–one for spring and one for fall–for a more complete seasonal change.

One way to bring a touch of fall indoors is to create simple wreaths and garland with grapevine, dried leaves, pinecones or greenery and berries. Silk flowers as well as fall-colored ribbon can also be added to the wreath as an elegant accessory to complete your home decorating idea.

Take advantage of the abundance of fruits and vegetables that are harvested during the fall season. Visit your local grocer or farmer’s market or take a trip to a farm to pick your own pumpkins, gourds, apples and pears. Apply a coat of lacquer to each piece to avoid fading or spoiling, and then place them in bowls, baskets or glass containers. They will enhance any room in your home and will look especially nice as a centerpiece for your dining table.

Another home decorating idea is to use potted mums to add brilliant color to your home. Golds, reds and purples look stunning in rustic baskets or flowerpots. Add a coordinating ribbon around the base of the container for a decorative touch. To add interest and create an eye-catching display, position the containers of mums at varying heights.