Easy Home Decorating Ideas for Small Rooms and Small Spaces

Even though you live in a small house or have a few small spaces in your house to decorate, putting these easy home decorating ideas to work for you will still give your home style and comfort with a great look. This can be accomplished by planning carefully and making the most of the space.

Less is More!

The first step is to get rid of any clutter and pare down the number of knick-knacks and decorative pieces in your room. They can become overpowering and make a room appear cluttered. A home decorating idea for managing collectibles is to concentrate them in one area by displaying them on an attractive bookshelf. That way you will still have a few to exhibit that will no doubt become a center of attraction in your room.

Multitask Furniture

If you are like most people and have too much “stuff” and no place to put it, a home decorating idea to use in any room is to invest in furniture that can serve a dual purpose. For example, a coffee table with shelves or a lid that opens for storage, an ottoman that opens up for storage, or even a chair with a seat cushion that opens for storage are all available on the market today! Choose dining room tables with leaves that can be expanded so you can keep it small when you don’t need the extra space. When decorating small rooms, keep these ideas in mind!

Create a Social Conversation Area

In trying to gain open space in a living room, furniture is often moved to the edges of the room. Place a sofa and a couple of smaller chairs along with a small coffee table together in the middle or toward one end of the room to create a conversation area that provides warmth and comfort for the room. This area also provides a focal point for the room which is just as important when decorating small spaces.

By incorporating these simple home decorating ideas, living in a small home can be very comfortable and you can still enjoy the style and comfort in your home that you desire.

Halloween Home Decor Ideas

If you enjoy Halloween, you must be very excited about decorating your home for it. But aren’t you tired of the same old paper pumpkins in your window every year? Get more Halloween home decor ideas – luckily, there are plenty of choices here.


Halloween home decor is the only excuse for cobwebs in your home! Decorative cobwebs come prepackaged and are available at almost any convenience or party store during the Halloween season. As a fun way of expressing some Halloween home decor, place the cobwebs in the corners of rooms and windows, and outside any trees or bushes that you might have.


A flying ghost is a popular symbol of Halloween, so it is no surprise that Halloween home decor employs this image to the fullest. You can purchase a ghost decoration and, using clear thread, suspend it in the middle of a nearby window. Or, you can use everyday tissues to make little ghosts and tape them up around your house.

The Stuffed Scarecrow

For a fun and scary Halloween home decor decoration, take some of those autumn leaves that you have been raking up and stuff some old clothes with them. Then, take a paper bag, stuff that with leaves, and tie the base. Attach a scary mask to it and make it the head for the scarecrow. Then, take a porch chair and sit the scarecrow on it. Place the scarecrow either in the corner of a large room or on the front lawn (which would really care the trick-or-treaters).


Get strings of orange lights and place them around the perimeters of the main rooms in you home. Alternatively, you can decorate trees and bushes with them to make you home stand out to trick-or-treaters. Strings of lights are a spooky, yet elegant example of Halloween home decor.

Painted Windows

With washable paint easily available nowadays you can turn the main windows of your home into Halloween murals. Both parents and young children can have real fun doing it together. The biggest advantage of this Halloween home decor idea is that it allows children to express their creativity.

Decorating your home for Halloween remember to have fun first of all – this should be an enjoyable activity and no kind of competition against the neighbors.

Very Easy and Fun Home Decorating Ideas!

Home decorating ideas do not need to involve breaking the bank or busting our back ends. In fact, some of the most refreshing changes only require a few minutes and a little inspiration. If your favorite space is currently in a rut, keep in mind that there is always a way out!

De-Clutter With a Creative Touch

Why does it seem to be that home decorating ideas are all about adding more stuff? Sometimes, taking objects away from view can accomplish a much more dramatic effect. A space devoid of junk and random objects looks much brighter, and provides a larger canvas for personal expression. De-cluttering is not the same as cleaning, however – you may need to find a new place for things you want to keep, not just things you’d like to throw away.

Get rid of those old board games, greeting cards, and cheesy calendars by pawning them off on friends as birthday or holiday cards. Get those pencils, coins, toys, and utensils off of surfaces and into some fun, coordinated containers. Collect and stack magazines and put a vase on top – give it purpose or get it out!

Oh So Fresh and Full of Life

Houseplants and cut flowers are the classic way to add an organic, colorful touch to accentuate existing home decorating ideas. Whether you want to bring out the violet in a painting, add emphasis to an underwhelming piece of furniture, or draw the eye to attractive views, a creatively placed potted plant or selection of blooms can accomplish the task on a permanent or temporary basis.

Sometimes the spark a room needs is waiting right outside: those graced with a good view from a window should never hesitate to use it! If an ugly obstacle takes up some, but not all, of the visual plane, it can be strategically obscured by a large plant, a clever drape, or row of colorful jars or candles. Anything that you can do to let the view outdoors express its full beauty is totally worth it.

Go Bold – Rehab Existing Decor

Are those candlesticks from grandmother beginning to look a little outdated? Been looking for a place to use those hard to incorporate trinkets? Spray paint can change the entire context of a piece, or even create unity between several unmatched pieces. Even furniture can receive a quick revamp: wallpapering the backing to a shelf is a great compromise between old or new and is, fortunately, much less labor intensive than a complete sand-down and refinish job.

Don’t Forget The Instant Makeovers

Some simple changes make a huge, immediate impact. Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint, especially on the ceiling. A soft tone of gray or light blue will open the space, almost as if there were no ceiling at all! Mirrors can also transform a room beyond recognition: hang two on opposite walls to drastically alter balance and atmosphere. Explore the composition and arrangement of everything – you never know what home decorating ideas may be lurking beneath the surface!